Pro Softball Training
Lesson Packages
What do you get?

Every player who purchases an online lesson with Pro Softball Training will receive their own Player Account and Video Analysis from our professional instructors and their selected staff.

Player Account - Your personal profile & account where you can review your video anytime, send and receive comments from your instructor, get updates and drills from us, and have access to our drill videos.
Video Analysis Our instructors will download your video and analyze your skill using digital video software. We will then provide you with feedback and instruction to help you understand your problem areas, and suggest drills and teaching aids to help you improve. Feedback will be provided in a variety of ways determined by your instructor and what they feel is the best for your specific needs.
What are some of those?
• Open dialogue and discussion in your online personal Player Account.
• Snapshots and freeze frames of your video clip that show you important points to focus on.
• Pictures of our professionals in side by side format for you to compare yourself to so you can see how it is done correctly.
• Video clips of our professionals showing you how it should look.
• Access to drill videos done by our professionals. Let us show you the proper way to do the drills we suggest.

Personalized Workout Plan If you sign up for the Player Package Plus, you will receive your very own workout plan with suggested drills and progressions to help you with your problem areas. The Personalized Workout Plan is downloadable for you to print and take with you to practice. (Not included in all packages)

    Lesson packages must be used for one specific skill area. You will need to choose from hitting, pitching, throwing & fielding, slapping, catching, etc.
Single Lesson/Upload - $29.99
• Online Player Account
• 1 Video upload & instructor analysis


Player Package Plus- $104.99
• Online Player Account
• 5 Video uploads & instructor analysis
• Your own, personalized, suggested drills and workout plan designed to improve your specific problem areas


Team Packages

Avaliable soon!