Pro Softball Training

Online Video Lessons with our Pros
How does it work?

Improve your softball skills and work with a professional almost immediately!
Follow the 3 easy steps below to become a better softball player:

1. Choose your Lesson Package
Select one of our packages and easily purchase online using our secure payment system.
After payment is received, you will be given access to your own personal account.
2. Film and Upload Your Video
Using our Guide to Filming Lesson Clips, film your skills in a short video clip, and upload the video to your personal account with a click of a button.
           • Your video will be stored in your personal account and our instructors will be notified that you
              have submitted a video clip for analysis.
           • Within 72 hours, one of our professional instructors will review your video and provide
              feedback. An email will be sent to notify you that your video has been analyzed.
3. Receive and View Feedback
Login to your personal account and find out what our instructors have suggested. You will be able to add comments and communicate with your instructor right from your account.
           • Your videos and instructor comments will be available to you at anytime.

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